Pit Pensions – Increased Levy at Denaby and Cadeby

August 1932

South Yorkshire Times, Friday, August 26, 1932

Pit Pensions

Increased Levy at Denaby and Cadeby

Mr. B. H. Pickering, agent of the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, presided at a meeting on Sunday at the Miners’ Welfare Institute, of mineworkers called to consider the financial position of the Mutual Help Fund.

The present weekly payments from the fund are £86 3s. 9d., and when both collieries are on one shift there has been a deficit of £15 5s. 3d. a week. When one was on two shifts and one on one per day there was an income of £83 7s. 9d. From July 1st to August 6th there was a loss of £126 19s. 3d. To balance this there would have to be a pension reduction of 2/- per week or an increase in contributions of one penny per week.

The increase was granted by the meeting. This will mean that when both pits were on one shift per day there would be an income of £84 7s. 0d. per week. Denaby on two and Cadeby on one would bring in £99 18s. 0d., and both pits on two shifts per day would bring in £109 1s. 0d. per week. There will now be ten per cent. of the contributions available for a reserve fund.

There are 176 pensioners on the fund at 8/- per week, and 76 waiting to come on the fund.