Pit Scheme Delay – NCB Reaction to Denaby and Cadeby Views

April 1957

South Yorkshire Times April 13, 1957

Pit Scheme Delay
NCB Reaction to Denaby and Cadeby Views

Although the National coal Board state that there is no hold up in the work on the scene after pounds million centralisation scheme for Denaby and Cadeby collieries, local NUM officials say that there appears likely to be some delay in the completion of the scheme.

The scheme, when completed, will entail the skip winding of coal from both Denaby and Cadeby Collieries at Cadeby. Electrical skip winding has already been installed at Cadeby.

Nothing Wrong

NUM branch secretary at Denaby Main, county councillor GM Hanson, said there was some delay in the underground work at Denaby and that he did not think the scheme would be completed this year.

He said it was originally intended that the scheme should be completed earlier this year but he added that December of this year or early 1958 now look more like the completion date.

He added that there was nothing wrong but that the work was not going on as quickly as was originally expected.

NUM branch secretary at Cadeby, County Councillor Jim Prendergast, said that there appear to be some delay in completing the new coal washing plant at Cadeby. He added that there was also still a lot of work to be done underground before the scheme would be completed.

The new machine face on the BI face of the Dunsill seam will entail power loaded by a disc machine instead of the usual shovelling by fillers. This will reduce the number of fillers required in this face and the men will be transferred to another face.

According To Plan

A national Coal Board official told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter on Tuesday that after contacting the number three area headquarters he had discovered that the work was going according to plan and there was no delay whatsoever.

He could not, he said, give an accurate date when the scheme would be completed.