Pit Sinking Operations at Conisborough

October 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 19, 1888

Pit Sinking Operations at Conisborough

The rumour has again been revived that before very long active steps will be taken to ascertain the worth of the alleged mineral deposits in the Conisborough district.

By the recent death of Lord Conyers, the estate in which the coal and iron ore are supposed to be situated has passed into the hands of  lady Yarborough, and a few days ago Lord Yarborough, accompanied by his steward and solicitor paid a visit to the Conisborough property.

His Lordship made a careful inspection of it and was soon on good terms with the tenantry. The real object of his visit,, is understood to have been made for the purpose of ascertaining  the genuineness or otherwise of the alleged mineral deposits, in which he takes the highest possible interest.

Indeed if it can be demonstrated that they will pay for working, it is believed that he will leave no stone unturned to turn the peaceful Pastoral country to the south-east of Conisborough into a thriving manufacturing district. Already two shafts have been sunk near Hilltop, but the workmen were stopped by water. Should the new management decide to pursue their investigation further, it is anticipated by engineers and geologists who have been over the ground that lies between Conisborough and Shire Oaks that there will be a rich field of coal and iron opened up. There working will necessitate the opening up of a new railway.