Plans For a Centre – Ambitious Scheme of Conisbrough Residents

December 1958

South Yorkshire Times December 13, 1958

Plans For a Centre

Ambitious Scheme of Conisbrough Residents

A group of miners living on the NCB owned Ellershaw estate at Conisbrough have formed themselves into a committee with the aim of raising funds for a Welfare Centre on the estate to be known as the “Ellershaw and District Youth and Welfare centre.”

The men, mostly brought to Conisbrough under NCB schemes are of many nationalities and ideas for such a centre has been circulating round the 300 houses for some weeks.

Man behind the proposal is Mr John Duffy of 15, Palm Grove, who has been elected President and Chairman of the club.

Other officials and committee members are: Mr William Wright, assistant Secretary, Mr, Bernard Snodgrass, Treasurer, Mr, Daniel Dowd, and trustees, Mr, William McMurray and Mr, Thomas Martin, Committee Messrs, Jim McDickens, Raymond Carter. Murray Scott, Joseph Parr, John Luke and John Ferguson.

Fund Raising

For some weeks, the committee had been working out plans for raising the necessary funds. The centre which they envisage will be a large, permanent, brick built structure, with a Main Hall, an adjoining kitchen, toilet and cloakrooms.

On Wednesday Mr Duffy said: “We have found a 100% response from local people. We are now intending to push forward the scheme, and to begin collecting funds as soon as possible.”

Mr Duffy said one of the major aims was to provide a children’s recreation ground, preferably adjoining the centre. Conisbrough U.D.C., he said, had plans for such a playground on land between Old Road and Maple Grove

On Wednesday, Mr Duffy, Mr Dowd and Mr Ferguson saw the clerk to Conisbrough UDC, Mr RF Edwardson, will be discussing the proposal next week. Union officials at Cadeby and Denaby collieries are also to be approached with a view to gaining financial support.

“There is a great future in this type of activity. It will result in a greater degree of community life. We have a fine hard-working committee will seat through, we expect the U.D.C. will help us in any way they can,” he said.