Plasterer’s Compensation Claim.

November 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 07 November 1929

Plasterer’s Compensation Claim.

The loss of part of the index finger his right hand, following an accident while in the employ the Conisborough Cliff Company, was the subject of an application for compensation made at Doncaster County Court yesterday by Arthur Herbert Haigh, young plasterer, School Terrace, Conisborough.

The medical evidence for defence was that applicant could perform his old work again with practice.

His Honour Judge Hildyard dismissed the claim, but gave a declaration of liability.


Sheffield Independent – Thursday 07 November 1929

Declaration of Liability at Doncaster

At Doncaster County Court, yesterday. Judge 11 Hallyard heard a claim for compensation from Arthur Herbert Haigh, plasterer, School terrace, Conisborough, who had lost part of the index finger of his right hand following accident while in the employ of the Conisborough Cliff Company.

He formerly worked as a plasterer but owing to shortage of employment he went to respondents as pony driver, and in July, 1928, met with an accident, part of his finger having to be amputated.

He was paid compensation at the rate of 12s 6d. a week until July this year when was still employed by respondents. He then left to take his old work as a plasterer, but was unable to do it and was reduced to a labourer.

Medical evidence for the company showed that applicant’s grip was not materially affected by his loss and could do his work again, with practice.

The Judge dismissed the claim, but gave a declaration of liability