Playground Closes at Six – Conisbrough Safety Committee Told Why

August 1946

South Yorkshire Times August 3, 1946

Playground Closes at Six
Conisbrough Safety Committee Told Why

Conisbrough Road Safety Committee, meeting at the Council Chamber, on Tuesday, Councillor B Roberts, J.P.(chairman) presiding, had a further discussion on the danger to road traffic arising out of the practice of drivers of the Mexborough and Swinton Traction Company trolley vehicles, travelling in opposite directions, pulling up their vehicles to talk to each other.

Police Inspector Lazenby, who at the request of the Committee had approached the company on the subject, reported that a representative had promised to place a notice in the works calling attention to the matter.

Mr G A Simpson (Mexborough and Swinton Traction Company) pointed out that it was necessary if a wire came down for the drivers to warn their companions as they came along.

The view was expressed that a solution to the problem might be forthcoming if the drivers and conductors is could be provided with improved welfare arrangements and it was decided to bring this view to the Companies notice and to ask Conisbrough Urban Council to consider making a similar approach to the company.

Mr G Williamson (Denaby) asked why the children’s playground on the crags was closed each night about 6 o’clock, and the children had to return to the streets.

Councillor H Gomersall replied that the Urban Council claimed to be humanitarian employers and they are considered that the attendant was working too many hours with the result that the opening hours of the playground were reduced. It might be – he was not saying that it will – that the question might be considered again

Sgt Eyett reported that there had been no street accidents in Denaby during the past month, but Sgt Johnson (Conisbrough) stated that there had been six at Conisbrough. He submitted details.