Playing Fields for The Denaby Area – A “Paradise.”

December 1927

Sheffield Independent – Wednesday 21 December 1927

A “Paradise.”

Playing Fields for The Denaby Area.

The Denaby and Cadeby Miners Welfare Institute are determined to use the surplus amount of out their next allocation for the provision fields for the children of the district. The Denaby Welfare Trustees, with the vice-chairman, Mr. Hill, have met representatives of the District Committee and put their scheme betore them.

This includes the conversion large section waste ground the back the township, known as the Crags, into playing fields. “There is roughly £2,800 left out of the allocation after paying the debt on the Hall, and the whole of this amount is to be used for the scheme,“ said Mr. Hill, yesterday.

“It is proposed to make football and cricket pitches, buy all the necessary apparatus, and. for the younger children to provide ’ocean waves,’ swings, slides.

“It will a veritable paradise for the children when it is completed,” said Mr Hill.

There is a natural spring in the Crags and a pond, into which sand imported, will be available for the smaller children to sail boats and paddle without harm. The water will always the fresh and clean.

The ground intended for this purpose is the property of the Conisborough Urban Council, and the Welfare Committee and Trustees are now waiting for the for sanction of the District Welfare Committee to the scheme inviting the co-operation of the Council surveyor, Mr H Thirlwall.