Police Courts – Refusing to Quit at Conisborough – Tenement Notices

October 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 7, 1905

Doncaster West Riding.

Before Mr. G. B. C. Yarbrough presiding, with Mr. W. J. Huntriss, Mr. G. A. Thompson, aid. Chadwick, and Mr. B. J. Whitaker.

Refusing to Quit at Conisborough.

A New Conisborough miner named Edward Gunning, was charged with having been disorderly and refusing to quit the Eagle and Child Hotel, Conisborough, on 23 September. Mr. G. W. Andrews, who prosecuted, stated that on Saturday, and the date in question at 8-30 in the evening the defendant was in the concert room when the waiter in charge of the room saw the defendant quarrelling.

He went up to him and ordered him out he refused to go, and Miss Raynor, the daughter of the landlord, went for her father, who came and requested him to leave the house. He refused to go, and said there was nobody who can make him go. Ultimately Mr. Raynor assisted by the waiter ejected him. Later, he was taken into custody by the police.

Mr. Raynor. In giving evidence, bearing out statement, said there was nobody in the house who could put him out. 20 minutes afterwards he was locked up by the police.

The defendant was further charged with having been drunk and disorderly on the same date, and the case was proved by P.C Thompson and Chas. Bell.

The defendant was ordered to pay the costs 16/5 for the first offence and five shillings and nine shillings costs for being drunk and disorderly.


The usual tenements notices were granted to Mr. Moses Soar, appearing on behalf of the Denaby and Cadeby. Main collieries, Ltd against Pat Dolan and Arthur Martins, tenants of the company.