Police Hunt Man Who Attacked 13-years-old Girl at Conisbrough

January 1969

South Yorkshire Times, January 11, 1969

Police Hunt Man Who Attacked 13-years-old girl at Conisbrough

A 13-years-old Conisbrough schoolgirl left her home in the rain on Tuesday morning to go to school minutes later she was dragged across waste land and indecently assaulted in a derelict pig sty.

West Yorkshire Police were conducting house-to-house enquiries this week in the Buckingham Road area of the town, where she lived. The girl, who was leaving her home in the darkness at 8 a.m., struggled in the mud with her attacker before she was dragged ‘a considerable distance” to the pig sty, where the offence was committed.


“It may have been a ‘peeping tom’, who was attracted by the light and had been watching the girl getting dressed,” said Detective Inspector John Stainthorpe, who was leading the search, “He could have been lying in wait for her — but it is all conjecture at this stage.”

In connection with the “serious assault”, police are wanting to interview a man aged between 25 and 40 years and around 5 ft. 9 ins. or 5 ft. 10 ins. tall. He is said to be of medium build, to have worn a flat cap and gloves, an overcoat or raincoat, and to speak with local accent. Det. Inspector Stainthorpe said the man’s clothing and footwear would be covered in mud after the assault.

The girl, who returned to her house in a dishevelled condition, was said to be shocked but not seriously injured. She was later treated by her own doctor.

Police warning

Det. inspector Stainthorpe this week issued a warning to parents whose children travel to school in the dark. “It is always advisable for young children, particularly young girls, to be accompanied by someone else, preferably a parent, on these dark mornings,” he said.

Concern was expressed by local parents after the incident and a number visited the Headmaster of Conisbrough Northcliffe School, Mr. A. G. G. ‘Young, on Wednesday morning to discuss the possibility of later starting hours.

“They are quite naturally worried about their children coming to school in the dark,’ said Mr. Young.” The girl was not one of our pupils, and in order to go to her school she must be up and about earlier than our students. Ours would have to leave Denaby by 8.40 a.m. when it is quite light, so there is no real risk as far as they are concerned.

Parents’ fears

“The parents’ fears are quite understandable and I left it to them. While this trouble is on they will have to use their discretion. If some of the girls are late in the next few days I will quite understand, but I don’t think there is any need to alter the starting time. Our day begins at 9 a.m.”

Mr. Young said he had put girls at his school on the alert. “While whoever is responsible for this is at large, anxiety is natural,” he said.

The search for the attacker is still going on and Police would like to hear from anyone who was in the area of Buckingham Road, Conisbrough, between 7.30 and 8.30 on Tuesday morning, and can give information or assist enquiries.