Polio Vaccinations – Some in June: Others November

May 1956

South Yorkshire Times May 5, 1956

Polio Vaccinations
Some in June: Others November

Dr D. J. Cusiter, medical officer of health for Wath, Swinton and Rawmarsh told the “South Yorkshire Times” this week that only a fraction of the children whose parents had given concept for them to be vaccinated against polio, would in fact be vaccinated next month.

An official of the Mexborough, Conisbrough and Dearne health division at Mexborough said that position was the same in their Division.

Dr. Cusiter said that those children who were not vaccinated in June from the 39% overall acceptance figure in his division, would be vaccinated in the next period which commenced at the end of November and continued to next June.

Dr. Cusiter said he did not know how much vaccine would be available. “We may get less than we expected” he said.

He stressed that any parents who had changed their minds about having children vaccinated, could still withdraw their consent.

While attending the Royal Health Congress at Blackpool last week, Dr. Cusiter personally examine some of the vaccine.

In the Mexborough health division where there was a 42%, acceptance figure, the official said they were awaiting information from the Ministry of health as to how much vaccine would be available.

Due today             

it is understood that the first deliveries of poliomyelitis vaccine will be received today (Friday) and children born in the month of November, in the years 1947 to 1954 inclusive, and those born in the of March, 1951 to 1954 inclusive, have been selected for vaccination in May and June.

The reserve group will be those whose birthdays are in the month of August in the years 1947 to 1954 inclusive. The names of 328 children have been registered in the Conisbrough, Dearne and Mexborough areas in the first two age groups.