Popular Cleethorpes

August 1951

South Yorkshire Times, August 4th, 1951

Popular Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes seems to be the favourite resort of the one-day trippers in Conisbrough and Denaby this year.  And special trains from Conisbrough station are just as much of a fashion.

On Sunday, Conisbrough Ivanhoe Club booked two trains for their 1,323 strong outing to Cleethorpes.

Yesterday, Denaby Comrade’s Club went one better and chartered three trains to take their 1,600 adults and children to Cleethorpes.

On Sunday, Denaby Main Institute will have at least 850 on a train to Cleethorpes.  And on the Sunday following, August 112th, there will be 1,400 from Conisbrough Northcliffe Club – going to Cleethorpes – on two trains.