Post Office Raid – Story of Hold-Up – Denaby Youth Charged – Girl Clerks Ordeal

February 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 8, 1935

Post Office Raid
Story of Hold-Up with Toy Pistol
Denaby Youth Charged
Girl Clerks Ordeal

An alleged hold-up with a toy pistol at the New Conisborough Post Office on Tuesday resulted in Harry Rodgers (19), miner of Conisborough, being brought before the Doncaster county magistrates on Wednesday.

Supt Huddleston said that Rodgers apparently walked into the post office, where a girl clerk, Olive West, was in charge, and told her to put her hands as he had come for money. At the same time he threatened Miss West with what was later found to be a toy pistol.

Rodgers walked round to the back of the counter, struggled with Miss West, and pushed her about. Miss West screamed for assistance and her cries were heard by Mrs Kavanagh, who lives at the rear of the shop. Mrs Kavanagh called employees of Mr James Peters, whose fruit warehouses are next to the post office and they rushed to Miss West’s assistant, stopping Rodgers as he was about to leave with the cash he had taken from the till. Rodgers was held until the arrival of the police. He had handled Miss West rather roughly.

Supt Huddleston added he had heard that morning that Rodgers had been in a mental home. Judging from the report, he sought Rodgers was affected in some way. In these circumstances you would ask for a room and for Rodgers to be examined by a prison doctor so that the magistrates could have full information concerning him.

Rodgers was remanded for a week in custody, the Chairman (Mr W Anderson) remarking that the doctor see Rodgers, who would be looked after properly