Poverty of the Clergy.

April 1920

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 13 April 1920

Poverty of the Clergy.

The striking revelations which were made at the meeting of the Conisboro’ Vestry last week with regard to the pecuniary difficulties with which the Vicar, the Rev. W. A. Strawbridge, and the curate, the Rev. H C. Dallimore, have had to contend are typical which could bo made to-day most of the leaser paid Church of England clergy.

It is hoped that by the Enabling Act many reforms will be introduced. Certainly there is room for them.

Mr. Dallimore was very candid in relating the story of the hand to mouth life he has been compelled to lead and it no doubt came as painful surprise to many of the parishioners to know that had been so pinched and restricted.

He confesses that had it not been for the kindness of a few charitable persons he would have been unable to exist on stipend; while he enters into his new sphere of labour with a bank balance of just £5!

The Vicar is not much more comfortably situated, and. with his luxuries cut down to an absolute minimum, he has hardly sufficient to enable him to renew his suit of clothes.