Pre-Fab Estate

May 1970

South Yorkshire Times, May 23rd, 1970

Pre-fab estate

Conisbrough councillors are hoping to slash the cost of building a new housing estate – by adding to a pre-fabricated one they have already got.

The Council are to approach the Ministry of Housing and Local Government to try to obtain a grant to improve The Oval, a pre-fabricated estate in a picturesque setting at the top of Conisbrough Crags. The Council feel that the small cost of improvements would make the estate as good as new.

Conisbrough Council Clerk, Mr. Clifford Warr, said, “This estate was built around second world war time, and had an estimated ten years left. But it has proved a very good and well-sited estate and has lived longer. It has what must be the most beautiful setting in the district, with a view of the castle, and it is very handy for the shops and buses.”

The council hope to receive a grant towards the scheme to cost over £50,000 – so that the 50 bungalows can be brought up to modern standards.