Preparing For Christmas.

January 1910

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 03 January 1910

Preparing For Christmas.

At Doncaster, on Saturday, William Smith, labourer. Conisbro’ was summoned for damaging the fence in Denaby Wood.

Mr. Gichard prosecuted.

P.c. Middleton said he saw the defendant’ 100 yards from the footpath, cutting a holly bush. This was a week before Christmas.

Defendant, who said he was going a farm, was fined 5s., and ordered to pay 1s. damage, and 9s. 6d.

Thomas Death, stoker, Denaby, was charged with a similar offence. Mr. Gichard said that in this case the defendant cut off the top of free, completely spoiling it. and took over 4st. weight of wood, his object being apparently sell it. Nearly all the trees in the wood had been damaged in a similar way.

The damage was 10s. and defendant was ordered pay that amount, and a fine of 5s. and 9s. 6d. costs.