Presentation to Mr E Lapidge

February 1945

South Yorkshire Times February 17 1945

Presentation to Mr E Lapidge

At the officials called of the Denaby and Cadeby colliery’s presentation took place last Saturday Mr E, H. Lapidge who retired in January from the post of head horse keeper.

The gift had been subscribed for by the management of both collieries and the surface officials. Mr E. P. Hardy (Chief engineer of the Denaby, Cadeby and Maltby collieries), who presided said he had known Mr. Lapidge for about five years and his success could be measured by the success of the management of his departments and the goodwill he had created with the heads of departments with whom he came into contact.

Mr N. Hully (agent of Denaby colliery) made the presentation of a gift of money with a note of appreciation expressing the good wishes of the subscribers.

Mr. Hully said he had great pleasure in adding his testimony to the sterling worth of Mr Lapidge. Pony haulage was a great thing at one time and for many years Mr Lapidge had had the care and responsibility of the pit ponies at all three collieries and during that time officials had ever had any reason to question the state of the ponies of the care given to due to the service rendered by Mr Lapidge.

Mr. W. Deen (late under manager at the Denaby colliery ) also added his tribute to the work done by Mr Lapidge. He said he never remembered any Inspector finding cause for complaint which spoke volumes for the work he had done.

Mr Lapidge responded and thanked them for the gift and the kind words and good wishes which had been expressed.