Principals at Denaby Have to Go to Hospital for Treatment.

February 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 13 February 1928

Principals at Denaby Have to Go to Hospital for Treatment.

The Baths of the Denaby Miners’ Welfare Institute were crowded on Saturday evening, when Mr. F. Lane promoted several bouts. The chief contest should have been between Ted Abbott, of Stainforth, and Len Coope, of Rawmarsh, but Abbott was unable to appear, and “Tubby” Thompson, of Mexborough, deputised.

A real “mill” followed, eventually resulting in the stopping of the contest in the sixth round and the sending of both contestants to the Fullerton Hospital for attention—Coope with a broken nose, and Thompson with a cut over the left eye, which required stitching.

Thompson easily took the first three rounds, when condition began to tell somewhat, and after that he stood a lot of punishment.

Young Yorke, of MexDorough, beat E. Davies, of Denaby, on points, over six rounds.

In a ten-rounds welter-weight contest Harold Thorpe, of Rawmarsh, beat Ginger Eyre, of Darfield, on points. What the contestants lacked in science they made up in energy and pluck

A. Cadman, of Sheffield, and B. Priestley, of Mexborough, two young boxers who have appeared at the N.S.C., gave a three-rounds exhibition.

Steve Firman, of Swinton, beat Johnny Groves, of Mexborough, on points, over six rounds.