Prison for Disorderly Denaby Miner – An Old Offender

December 1925

Mexborough & Swinton Times December 18, 1925

Prison for Disorderly Denaby Miner
An Old Offender.

Joseph Hill, miner, of Denaby, failed to answer three summonses at Doncaster on Tuesday.

He was summoned by the police for using obscene language: by Heber J. Boulton, licensee of the Reresby Arms, for damage to a plate glass window and by Frederick J Henman, a barman for assault.

Boulton said bricks were thrown through the door of the Reresby Arms on the evening of December 5. Later, more bricks were thrown and two plate glass windows were smashed, the total amount of the damage being put at 5 pounds.

Boulton saw Hale in the act of throwing a brick: Hensman went to Hill, and Hill struck him in the face and ribs. With assistance, Hill was handed over to PC Taylor, PC Taylor made the complaint of the use of obscene language by Hill on the same occasion.

Hill had been six times convicted of the use various offences. He was fined 1 pound for obscene language and sent to prison for a month on each of the other counts. The terms to run consecutively.