Prison for Fraud – Conisborough Man’s Confession

August 1935

South Yorkshire Times August 23 1935

Prison for Fraud
Conisborough Man’s Confession

A Conisborough ex service man, Tom Justice Thompson, Chambers Avenue, was sent to prison for three months, and told he had committed the deliberate fraud on the public, at Doncaster on Tuesday, for making false representation.

Thompson, who pleaded “guilty,” said he knew it was wrong at the time.

Mr. W. L. Crawford (prosecuting on behalf of the Minister) said Thompson had been unemployed for a very long period, with the exception of some three weeks in 1932. When making application for unemployment benefit, he had stated that a daughter was employed by him as housekeeper. But it was found later that this was not the case. The daughter having married in April, 1931.

As a result of his representations, Thompson has drawn £42 1s. 3d more than he was entitled to.

Thompson said it was the first time he had been in any trouble. He asked for justice as an ex-service man he knew it was wrong at the time, but asked for leniency.

The chairman (Mr. G. E. Cooke-Yarborough) said Thompson had committed a deliberate fraud on the public and they could not have people doing that sort of thing.