Prison for Poaching – Conisborough Colliers Committed

December 1910

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Saturday 24 December 1910

Prison for Poaching

Conisborough Colliers Committed

Arthur Mangham and Joseph Cooke, colliers of Conisborough appeared today at the Doncaster West Riding police Court, charged with night poaching, at Oadby, on the 14th ins.

Mr Baddiley who prosecuted, told how the defendants were discovered by two keepers in the Horse Shoe Plantation. Mangham was carrying a gun. Mr Baddiley emphasised that the men were well known to the keepers.

Mangham now said that he was never in the plantation. He, however, admitted that he had a gun under his arm, and was going to knock a bird down if he had the chance.

Mr Baddiley: If you had not committed an offence, how is it you asked the sergeant this morning if you would have time to pay?

Defendant: You never know your luck. (Laughter.)

There were 17 previous convictions against Mangham, including night poaching, and he was committed to prison for two months and Booth for one month, both men to be bound over in £10 with two sureties of £5 each not to offend again for six months.