Prize Fight by Denaby Colliers.

May 1891

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 19 May 1891

Prize Fight by Denaby Colliers.

Another pugilistic encounter for money came off at Denaby early on Sunday morning.

The usual rendezvous has been the Mexbro’ Pastures, but perhaps with the view of putting the police off the scent, the match, which for some time has been an open secret, was fought at Old Denaby, a peaceful little hamlet on the other side of the River Don.

The contestants were a well-known Irishman living at Denaby, and employed at the colliery, and another miner, who is said to be Mexbro’ born. The latter is much the smaller of the two, but amongst the fancy had a reputation for “grit.”

He had many admirers, probably arising from the fact that this was not the Irishman’s first battle by many, in most of which he has come off second best. The fight was for a stake of £5, and was most determinedly fought.

No interruptions took place, the affair being brought to a finish free from molestation on the part of the police.

The Mexbro’ ” lad ” proved too small for his Irish opponent, and although he pounded away at his breast, he could seldom get any higher, and at the end of half an hour, having been terribly punished, he threw up the sponge, and the Irishman was declared the winner.

The defeated was badly knocked about, and yesterday was in bed.