Prize Fight Near Mexborough.

26 August 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 26 August 1892

Prize Fight Near Mexborough.

About 6.45 on Sunday morning, Sergt. Bainbridge, P.c.’s Carle and Winsor, of Mexborough, were successful in disturbing a prize fight which was taking place in a field midway between Harlington and Mexborough.

The combatants—both Staffordshire men—Edward Price and William Grainger, miners, employed at Denaby Main, were apprehended and taken to Doncaster. On the police putting in an appearance the large crowd of spectators fled in all directions, leaving the heroes of the fray at the mercy of the hands of the law.

Both men, who were stripped to the waist, were much bruised and knocked about. Grainger appeared to have suffered much, being bruised about the face and head Price appeared to have been mauled about the ribs and body, and had twice been asked to give in, but would not do so and on the whole it was thought he had the worst of the fight.

About 40 rounds were fought, the proceedings having lasted nearly an hour. It is said that the stake was 50s. On reaching the Mexborough Police Station the men were much exhausted, and so feeble that they could not fasten their boots.