Proposed New Church & Accident at Denaby Main.

April 1890

Sheffield Independent – Friday 11 April 1890

Proposed New Church For Denaby Main.

It is stated that the Denaby Main Colliery Company contemplate the erection of a church at the mining village.

A correspondent states that the matter has been brought before the Archbishop of York, and that correspondence has taken place between his Grace and Mr. J. Buckingham Pope, the managing director, on the matter.

At present there is a mission church at Denaby Main, and hitherto the company have contributed a certain amount annually to the Vicar of Mexborough for the services of a curate.

The population at the village has rapidly developed, and there is ample scope for the carrying on of vigorous church work.

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery                                                  

Yesterday George Silverwood, of Mexbro’, had his leg broken in two places by a fall of roof whilst working at the Denaby Main Colliery. He was convey to the Montagu Cottage Hospital at Mexborough.