Public Outcry Against Arcade

March 1969

South Yorkshire Times March 1, 1969

Public Outcry Against Arcade

A proposed amusement arcade in the centre of Conisbrough and adjoining one of the town’s quietest residential areas has caused an outcry from local residents.

Conisbrough Urban Council have received a flood of complaints and a petition with about 160 names, after the Clerk, Mr. C. Ward invited comments from residents.

The proposal for the mini-amusement centre, at the entrance to Elm Green Lane, is at present awaiting consideration by the Council’s Planning Committee, but on Sunday and Monday, two tenants, Mr. Roland Eyre and 35-years-old Mr. Roy Walton collected signatures for the petition of complaint.

Mr. Walton, a motor engineer of 72 Elm Green Lane, said this week: “While I disagree with the thing, there may be many more who are in favour of it; but I kick against it from the children’s angle.

“They say that people under 17-years-old are not allowed in, but it does not always follow, and I am trying to see what might happen. I object to crowds of youths gathering up there —rowdyism may occur in the area.”


The proposed arcade, he claims would act as a deterrent to incoming business firms, provide a nuisance to the nearby Old People’s Community Centre, create road safety hazard at the junction opposite Morley Place School as well as being an unwanted feature on a main route for schoolchildren he believes.

“I think it could only attract a certain element and Elm Green Lane has always been a nice residential area,” said Mr. Walton. “It’s all right to scream after the event — we ought to do it before it happens.”

A spokesman for Conisbrough Citizens Association, who plan to send a letter to the Urban Council commented: “An amusement place would be dangerous for the children and there are no parking facilities in the area.

“It would just lead to a load of mischief — certainly there is entertainment needed in Conisbrough, especially for the teenagers, but there are places for them to go and there is no need for this kind of entertaihment.”

He added: “If they bring a business into Conisbrough it should be one which is going to benefit Conisbrough people, not take something off them.”

Clerk to the Council, Mr. Clifford Ward said: “We have received a great number of letters of complaint and a petition which will be submitted to the Council when the planning application is considered.”