Quarrels of Denaby Miners – Arguments with Strangers

September 1885

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 25, 1885

Quarrels of Denaby Miners

John Heaton was charged with assaulting John Harris, at Denaby of September 12

The parties are miners at Denaby pit, and they were drinking at the Reresby Arms, Denaby. Defendant and another man jumped on the table and said they would fight the best man in Yorkshire. He then struck complainant, knocking out some of his teeth, and giving him a black eye. In the struggle which followed complainant had his ribs injured.

Complainant, in reply to the magistrates, said he had been about two years at Denaby, and the defendant was one of the new arrivals.

Defendant said he had worked at Denaby since the strike, and some of the men in the house asked him what had brought him back. He replied that they had nothing to do with them and the Denaby men said they would soon let him know that it had to do with them. If he had not defended himself he would have suffered violence.

He was fined 40 shillings and costs.

Paul Freeman, also a Denaby miner, was charged with refusing to quit the Reresby Arms on September 16.

Mr Slater said the defendant and a stranger commence quarrelling about the lowering wages at then be paid, and the defendant struck the other man before he could get round and order them out.

Defendant had to be ejected by the police.

Fined 20 shillings including costs.