Race Week Holiday – Pros and Cons at Conisborough

December 1938

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 9, 1938

Race Week Holiday
Pros and Cons at Conisborough

Miners at Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries are to take their holidays with pay week, next year in St Leger Race Week, it was stated by Mr. R. H. Shephard at yesterday’s meeting of the Conisborough District Education Sub-Committee during a discussion on school holidays, for the district next Year.

The Division Clerk (Mr. E. B. Stock-dale); reported that none of the teachers in the area desired that race week should be a school holiday, but Mr. Shepherd pointed out that as the miners were to take their holidays in Race Week was only right that the children  should have the opportunity of being away at the same time

Mrs. S. C. Urch said the Committee should study the parents and the Clerk said that he was afraid that if they did not have the holidays in Race Week, school, and attendances would suffer.

Father J. Holohan pointed out that the time at school between the summer holidays and Race Week was a loss from an educational standpoint. The schools did not get into their stride after the summer holidays, and they had to start all over again after the Race Week break. The Board of Education now recognised the absence of children away with their parents on holiday if a note was sent to school.

The Clerk replied, however, that he did not think that that would count in this ‘case as the children would only be away one or two days during the races.

The Committee decided that holidays should be as follows; Easter, 13 half days; Whitsuntide, 10 half days; Summer 40 half days; Race Week, 10 Christmas 16; in reserve 2.

It was agreed that the Christmas holiday this year should start on December 24th, the schools to re-open on January 5th.

It was reported that 5,303 meals had been supplied to 274 children during the month. The School Medical Officer had ordered that 89 additional, children in the area should receive school meals, and it was decided that in the event of the Balby Street Centre being unable to accommodate them other premises should be obtained.