Raid On Sweetshop – Denaby Boys Foiled

November 1956

South Yorkshire Times November 24, 1956

Raid On Sweetshop
Denaby Boys Foiled

A smash and grab raid on a Denaby sweetshop by two 10-year-old boys, one of whom threw a brick through the window, was foiled when a man came along and the boys run away.

On another occasion the boys left fireworks off inside the shop after they had broken in through a first floor window.

This was stated at Doncaster West riding Juvenile Court on Wednesday when the boys, both from Denaby, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering a shop in Cliff view, Denaby and stealing cash, fireworks, cigarettes and matches valued at £11 7s 1d., and attempting to break and enter another shop. Both were ordered to pay 15 s 6d costs and £1 4s 3d. restitution. It was stated that £2 8s 6 ½d was still unaccounted for.

Chief Inspector A. Todd said the police had no knowledge of the second offence.

When the boys were being interviewed about another matter they admitted that they had tried to get some sweet and the sweetshop by throwing a brick through the window. One of the boys said, “we didn’t get any. A man came and we ran away.”