“Raid” Rehearsal at Denaby

November 1939

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 22 November 1939

“Raid” Rehearsal at Denaby

The area between Denaby and Bawtry is to be raided on Sunday afternoon when an A.R.P. exercise, lasting two and a half hours, is to be staged on a wide scale by the authorities in the No. 4 sub area of the Don Valley A.R.P. district.

One ’plane will be brought down and gas and incendiary bombs will fall.” Twenty incidents have been planned and all the various A.R.P. services in the district will be in action. A number of air-raid wardens and special constables will also be on duty.

The exercise is being run from the Conisborough A.R.P. report centre and places affected will be Conisborough, Denaby, Edlington, Rossington, Tickhill, Warmsworth, and Bawtry