Railway Offences at Conisborough – Interfering with Comfort of Passengers

March 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 10, 1906

Railway Offences at Conisborough

A new Conisborough miner, named George was summoned at the instance of Arthur Hall, Detective Inspector, employed by the great Central Railway Company, for travelling on their railway between Doncaster and Conisbrough, without a ticket on 10 February.

A fine of 20 shillings including costs was imposed

Two other Colliery youths, named Frank Ogley and William Smith, were summoned for interfering with the comfort of passengers at Conisborough on third of February.

Ernest Knight, a Porter employed at Conisborough station said on 3 February he was a passenger from Doncaster Conisborough on the 11:25 PM train. In addition there were the two defendants and two ladies in the same compartment. Another man was also there who witness did not know, and he said he could fight any three men. Ogley got up and said he would fight him for 5/-and immediately proceeded to fight.

A general uproar followed in the carriage. Witness took all of Ogley and tried to quieten him. Obscene language was used by Ogley. When the train stopped at Conisborough and they got on the platform Ogley “went for” witness, but he caught hold of him and took into the stationmaster. Smith endeavoured to get him away. There add great difficulty in getting them to the booking office. They both refused their names and addresses until they were threatened with the police.

Charles Peters Richards, Station Master at Conisborough also gave evidence. The defendants were very violent, and at one time it looks serious, as there was a large crowd, several of whom were inciting the defendants to be violent.

Smith denied using any bad language.

Ogley was fined 25 shillings including costs and Smith was ordered to pay 5/-and the costs 16/6.