Railway Servants’ Dinner at Conisborough

January 1888

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 13 January 1888

Railway Servants’ Dinner at Conisborough

The annual dinner of the staff employed at the Conisborough M. S. and L. Railway Station was held on Wednesday night, at the Station Inn, Conisborough.

After the repast had been partaken of, the chair was taken by Mr. K. Nicholson, of Doncaster, and the vice-chair by Mr. Williams, late inspector on the M. S. and L. Railway, at Rotherham.

The property of the town and trade of Conisborough was given the Chairman, and responded to by Mr. T. Booth, jun., the latter of whom observed that believed at Conisborough they had commenced the New Year with better prospects than for many years past.

The toasts of Messrs. Nicholson Brothers, and Messrs. Kilner Brothers, were heartily received, and that the “M. S. and L. Railway Co.,” proposed by Mr. Williams, was also enthusiastically honoured.