Railway Trespass at Conisborough – Wetter Off Went to “Big Drum” for Liquor

April 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 7, 1906

Railway Trespass at Conisborough

Robert Purdy, wetter off, Conisborough, was accused by Arthur Hall, G.C.R. Police Inspector, of having trespassed on the Railway at Conisborough on 14th of March.

PC Cousins said that about 9 a.m. on the date mentioned, while on duty at new Conisborough, he saw the defendant, who was carrying a bottle containing liquor, cross the railway and enter Messrs Kilner Bros yard.

When witness spoke to him, defendant remarked, “I have been for this (liquor) to the “Big Drum” (meaning the Denaby Main Hotel).

Witness told him he would be reported.

Defendant was ordered to pay 5/- towards the costs.