Railway Trespass at Conisborough

May 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 4 1907

Railway Trespass at Conisborough

Douglas Jones, William Pearce and George Gouldin, pleaded guilty to a charge of having committed a trespass on the Great Central Railway and were fined 10 shillings including costs.

Inspector Hall, prosecutor, said the defendants were employed at Messrs Kilner brothers. The line was fenced off with an iron fence. The defendant prised open the bars, and got through. A man had to go there two days a week to straighten the bars.

It was a dangerous spot, as there were a great many trains, small children went across the same place, I was to stop the practice that the proceedings had been taken.

Nora Craven, also glass hand, pleaded guilty to a similar offence and was fined a like amount.