Railway Trespassers Caught at Conisborough

February 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 24, 1906

Railway Trespassers Caught at Conisborough

a number of Conisborough minors whose names are appended were summoned by Mr Haas Hall, a detective employed by the Great Central Railway Company for having trespassed on the Railway at Conisborough on 17 January:

William Frost, Harry Southwick, Arthur Hague, William Williams, Ernest Davies, Edward Hampson, William Lincoln, John Booth, Alec Lace, Samuel Riley, George first, Ernest Grindle, Tom Brooks alias Henry Hunt, Gladstone Crabtree, William Henry Crabtree, Frank Booth, Ethelbert Mee, Tom Swales, William Sumner, Tom Marshall, miner, Balby; Tom Kidney, miner, Doncaster; John Torrence, miner, Doncaster; Fred Schofield, minor, Hexthorpe; and Stafford Calvert, an electrician, Mexborough

All these men were, with the exception of Tomlinson, whose defence was an alibi, and Booth, who was ordered to pay the costs, mulcted in fines ranging from one shilling to 2/6 and costs.