Rat-Infested Houses – Pied Piper Wanted At Denaby.

January 1929

Sheffield Independent – Friday 11 January 1929

Rat-Infested Houses.

Pied Piper Wanted At Denaby.

That the Conisborough Urban Council should advertise for a Pied Piper was the suggestion made Councillor J. I, Webster to his colleagues, when Councillor J. T. E. Collins asked what could done to exterminate the rats that swarm in the houses in Annerley street, Denaby.

It was alleged that the residents had to take turns in sitting through the night to keep the vermin away from sleepers, and that doors had been gnawed through, and that the rats are known personally to householders, each having their particular set of animals.

Various expedients have been discussed prior to the above suggestion without any definite policy being formulated, but eventually it was decided to ask the West Riding County Council and the Denaby and Colliery Co., owners over the houses, to take action.