Rates for Shops and Houses Up 50% – But Hint of Substantial Rate Cut

December 1955

South Yorkshire Times, December 17, 1955

Rates for Shops and Houses Up 50%
But Hint of Substantial Rate Cut

Worst hit by the new assessment in Conisbrough are the public baths. The assessment has gone up from £101 to £995.

Council houses, shops and privately owned houses average an increase of 50%. In the case of Council houses generally from £12 to between £17 and £19. The assessment of Denaby Main Colliery has increased nearly 80% – from £1070 to £1833. Cadeby colliery has risen from £1,251 to £1,618.

Filling stations and garages are also subject to material increases. One has been increased from £70 to £213 and another from £30 to £83.

Hotels and breweries will have to pay much more. One might public out as an increase of nearly £500 – from £580 to £1,050. In all others except one, the increases are over £100.

Hoarding spaces on the sides of buildings and other property will now increase the rateable value of the properties. If there is a bill posted on the side of in-house increase in the rateable value on top of other increases varied from £6 to £18.

As in most parts of the country schools have had a 100% increase. Working men’s clubs have also to meet high increases, one of them being from £163 to £263.

Cinemas in Conisbrough have not done so badly. One stays at £347 and the other has increased from £147 to £192. Gasworks assessments have been increased from £90 to £523 and from £377 to £556.

Still exempted from rates are all churches, the police station and the telephone exchange.

Although almost all property has been assessed at an higher figure the amount of rate payable maybe decreased.

Alderman B Roberts said at Monday’s meeting of the Urban Council that he felt that he ought to enlighten the public on this point. The amount to be paid despite the inclusion assessment might even be less in some cases.