Refused to Quit – Threw Pint Bottle at Landlord’s Son

March 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 02 March 1912

Refused to Quit

Threw Pint Bottle at Landlord’s Son

Albert Wall, a New Conisboro’ miner was charged with refusing to quit the Denaby Main Hotel on 17th Feb.

Bernard Gibbs, son of the landlord, said that at 9.20 p.m. on the evening in question, he had charge of the large tap room of the hotel, when the defendant came in and he requested beer. Witness refused because of his condition, The defendant thereupon seized a pint pot and threw it at the witness, who fortunately escaped being injured. In its passage across the room the pot narrowly missed other men, wgo were standing nearby.

Witness tried to eject him, whereupon he used obscene language, pointing out that neither him or anyone could throew him out.

The pot was thrown a distance of 21 ft.

“It is a very serious offence,” added Mr Gibbs, “and might have killed anyone.”

The defendant was fined 30s and ordered to pay the costs, £1 3s 6d.