Refusing to Quit at Conisborough.

January 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 31 January 1902

Refusing to Quit at Conisborough.

Joseph Smith. and Samuel Muscroft, miners of Conisboro’ and New Conisboro’, were summoned for being disorderly and refusing to quit the Eagle and Child Hotel, Conisboro’ on the 18th Jan.

P.c. Thompson proved the service of the summonses.

Charles Raynor, landlord of the Eagle and Child Hotel said that on Saturday night, the 18th Jan., about 9-20, he was called out of the club room to the bar parlour. He saw Smith and another man going to fight. He ordered them out, and the maul he did not know went away directly.

P.c. Thompson ejected Smith. Muscroft got up from his seat, and began brawling about his dog running. He ordered him out, and tried to eject him. He got as far as the swing doors, and he asked P.c. Thompson to assist him, and between them they got the man out.

P.c. Thompson Rated that on the date in question he on duty at Conisboro’, when he heard a disturbance going on in the Eagle and Child. He went inside, and found Raynor trying to eject two men. He ejected Smith.

The Bench fined the defendants 20s. and costs, 13s.