Relief on False Pretences – Denaby Prosecutions

June 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 04 June 1921

Relief on False Pretences

Denaby Prosecutions

On Tuesday, at Doncaster, the Doncaster Guardians prosecuted two Denaby people for obtaining relief by means of false statements.

The case of Charles McDonald, a labourer, it was explained that in April 17 he made application for relief, stating that he was out of work, and had a wife and six children.

The following week in a further application he was granted 40 shillings and a further 40 shillings on May 1st. He was afterwards ascertained to be working, and drawing wages on the 3rd, £1 11s.

The prisoner said that out of that there was 7 shillings for rent. He got the relief in order to augment his wages. He had no felonious intent, as he knew the money would have to be paid back.

It was explained that in April 6 he drew £1 9s 5d in wages and 40 shillings in relief, for the week ending May 3 he drew up £1 11s, in wages and another 40 shillings in relief. On May 10 he drew £3 17s 6d in wages and nothing in relief, and last week, ending the 17th, £4 4s 9d in wages, while his wife drew 40 shillings in relief.

The Guardians only proceeded on two summonses. He had been employed by a contractor at the pit

Mr Newell, a magistrate, was proceeding to make some remarks from the bench, when Mr Nokes, another magistrate, pointed out that as a member of the Board of Guardians, Mr Newell had no right to sit on the case, and he appealed them to give the defendant a chance.

Defendant: Thank you sir.

The Chairman (Mr John Brocklesby) said the bench regarded it as a serious case. There was no doubt it had been proved, and they must express their sense of the wrong defendant had done. He would have to pay £5 or in default go to prison for a month.

Defendant said he could not pay, as he was out of work, and the magistrates gave him time in which to pay.

Ellen Martin, a married woman, also of Denaby was similarly charged. Her husband was also employed by a contractor at the pit. She made application for relief of May 1 and 25 shillings was granted. Her husband had earned £1 9s 5d for the week ending April 26. On May 3 he also drew £1 11s and the following week £3 15 and she drew 25 shillings relief.

She was also fined £5.