Religious Requirements at Denaby Main.

July 1890

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 25 July 1890

Religious Requirements at Denaby Main.

Plans are now being drawn and specifications prepared for the erection of a new Wesleyan chapel on a site facing Doncaster road, near the recently erected block of 500 cottages at Denaby Main, built by the Denaby Main Colliery Company.

The land has been generously given by Mr. Andrew Montagu, and is situated at the end of Rossington street. The building is expected to cost £1,500, and will be commenced on almost immediately.

Denaby Main is a rapidly extending place, and is now fast growing out of the parish of Mexborough into the parish of Conisborough; in fact the larger half of the village is now in, the latter part.

This makes it very difficult, being under the jurisdiction of two vicars that complete and suitable religious worship could be provided, it is not probable that either the Rev. Hy. Ellershaw, M.A., or the Rev. J. G. Wood, M.A., the respected vicars of Mexborough and Conisborough, would be content to give up portion within their ecclesiastical province one to the other. It is impossible, too, to expect that a vicar of Mexborough, having to cope with an ever increasing population nearer his own doors, could devote any considerable part of his energies to Denaby Main, although it must be stated that service is regularly held in the small Mission Church at the entrance the village.

This attention, however, does not altogether meet the requirements of the place, and the Archbishop of York has authorised the making of Denaby Main into a conventional parish, independent of its neighbours, Mexborough and Conisborough.

A new church and a vicar is, therefore, only question of time.