Remarkable Innovation at Denaby.

May 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 14 May 1909

Remarkable Innovation at Denaby.

A remarkable development is now being made at the Denaby Main Colliery, where an electric winding engine is being fixed in the Barnsley seam (which is about 1,380 feet deep), at a spot from which it is intended to sink a shaft 14-ft. diameter, to the Parkgate seam of coal, 780 feet below, the total depth of this seam being less than 2.160 feet from the surface.

The engine is designed to wind about 140 tons per hour, with two double-decked cages, each capable of carrying four tubs of coal. The winding motor is designed for peak load of 700 horse-power, and a mean load of horse-power, at speed of 392 revolutions per minute.

The whole of the machinery is carried massive box bedplate, weighing about 12 tons, which runs all round the engine, and has had to be designed in sections for the convenience of getting it down the mine and underground.

The mechanical portion of the work has been made and erected at Messrs. Needham Bros, and Brown’s Borough Foundry, Barnsley, the electric portion being constructed by Messrs. Siemens Bros., London and Stafford