Remarkable Occurrence at Conisbro’.

August 1891

Sheffield Independent – Thursday 13 August 1891

Remarkable Occurrence at Conisbro’.

On Tuesday evening a girl earned Heys, about four years af age, whose parents reside in  Firbeck Street, Denaby Main, was playing alongside tbe river bank, near to Conisbro’ Glassworks, when she accidentally fell into the water. She was rescued after having been immersed for a few minutes, but to all appearances life was extinct.

Mr. Huey, surgeon, of Denaby, was summoned, and arrived on the scene in about fire minuted. Although there did not appear to be much hope, he immediately set to work to produce artificial respiration. With the assistance of an ambulance man. Mr. Huey persevered for nearly an hour in the task of restating animation, and at last patience was rewarded, and the child began to show signs of returning life.

Shortly afterwards ahe was restored to her anxious relatives, who had been watching with almost breathless interest Mr. Huey’s highly commendable efforts.

The case affords a remarkable instance of restoring life to the apparently drowned. But for Mr. Huey’s exertions the child would certainly not have been brought round.