Removing Pigs Without Authority at Denaby

February 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 22 February 1901

Removing Pigs Without Authority at Denaby

Atkinson Wray, a carter old Maltby, was summoned for having, on the 7th inst., removed some pigs at Denaby without having the necessary authority to do so.

He pleaded not guilty.

Police sergeant Brown stated that so the date named at 1.35 p.m., he saw the defendant with a horse and cart at Conisborough. There were pigs in the cart and the witness asked the defendant if he had a license. He said he had and showed it to the witness, who saw it had been granted by the vicar of Maltby.

According to the paper the defendant was to remove five peaks from his own premises at Maltby to the premises of P Mullins, Denaby, Conisborough. The witness asked the defendant where his declaration was, and the defendant said he had none. At the time the witness saw the defendant be been to Denabv with the pigs. There had been some dispute about the payment and the defendant was removing them back again.

The defendant said he saw two pigs to P Mullins, and another man sold three. As a bringing his two pigs from Maltby it was thought best that he should bring the other three at the same time, and he had got one licence for the old lot. When he got to Denaby he delivered his two pigs, but there was some dispute about the other three, and then he started to take them back to Maltby.

When he got to the Station Inn at Conisborough he changes his mind, as he thought he might get into bother, and he took them back again to Denaby. He had no licence to remove them from Denaby after he had delivered them. He obtained a certificate from the vicar of Maltby, and he was never asked to make a declaration.

The Chairman said a declaration as well as a licence was necessary. There appeared to be some doubt in the case. Certainly the person who gave the licence without a declaration was in fault.

The case was dismissed, but the death defendant was one must always make a declaration before he got a licence.