Repeat From Joyce

February 1966

South Yorkshire Times, February 26, 1966

Repeat From Joyce

After retaining his West Riding title at Harrogate, Tommy Joyce’s next opponent was England’s No. 1 Lightweight choice, John Eales of Shildon, Co. Durham.

Although he had narrowly defeated Eales in the 1965 Championships, Joyce, the Conisbrough boxer, has not caught the selectors’ eyes when the English teams have been selected expect to act as reserve.

In the West Riding-North East Riding meeting at Pontefract Tommy again staked a claim for recognition by repeating his previous with over Eales.

As last year, it was a hard tough battle with both boys going all out, knowing only too well what the reward could be to the winner.

When the fight reached the final round, it was a very difficult task to say who was to emerge the victor and the tension was terrific.

This round saw Joyce at his best, evading the storming attack of his equally determined opponent by brilliant footwork and counter-attack he gradually wore his game opponent down to gain, although a narrow decision, a well deserved one.

The next round was at Hull on Wednesday when the winners at this stage met the N.W. Riding to determine who shall be the Northern Counties’ Finalist from Yorkshire.

There will be no respite from training for the Conisbrough boy, whose dedication and success should be a shining example to the youngsters who take up this branch of the sport which demands so much of their leisure time but which must be sacrificed if success is to be achieved.