Resignation of the Clerk.

February 1910

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 08 February 1910

Resignation of the Clerk.

At a meeting of the Conisborough Parish Council last night. Mr. H. L. Smethurst, the Chairman, presiding, some discussion took place to the Council’s tenancy of the fire station, one member stating that it was probable they would receive notice to quit in this event.

Mr. Greathead considered they ought to build one of their own.

The Chairman undertook to make inquiries.

The Clerk (Mr J. Hawksworth) tendered his resignation as Clerk to the Council, Clerk to the Burial Committee, collector of rates, and assistant overseer. He had held office for 27 years, arid had now reached the age which entitled him to superannuation. He also intimated that had written to the Guardians resigning his position, and asking them add a few years in consideration of his service to his superannuation record, and he asked for the Conisborough Council’s support in this matter.

The Chairman expressed his regret that Mr Hawksworth had resigned. He had served them honourably and he hoped that his resignation should be accepted. Mr. W. W. Norwood, the senior member of the Council, in seconding, mentioned that he had had dealings with their Clerk for 21 years, and could speak as to his value. At the beginning of that time the population was 2,000, and since then the ratable value had been doubled.

Other members also spoke, Mr. Henry Baker stating that would all he could to further Mr Hawksworth’s application to the Guardians.

Mr. Hawksworth replied and it was decided to support his application