Retirement at Conisbrough (picture)

July 1967

South Yorkshire Times July 15, 1967

Retirement at Conisbrough

Conisbrough has lost one of its most friendly businesses this week with the retirement of Mrs Edith Urch, proprietor for 30 years of of a Church Street ladies outfitting and drapery store.

Mrs Urch now 64, told the “South Yorkshire Times” that she has had to retire because of failing health, though she and her husband, Mr John James Urch, will continue to live in Conisbrough in their home behind the shop.

Mr Urch was a decorator until 12 years ago. He lost the use of his left arm in a road accident 33 years ago and eventually had to have it amputated, but he is a talented artist. He has copied many of the old masters for friends, and he also paints original works. The couple were prominent members of St Peter’s Players, whom Mrs Urch directed while her husband was stage manager. Mr Urch remembers his first role in 1927 as an “ugly slave girl,” which he had to take because none of the woman members of the society was willing to spoil her good looks.

Both Mr and Mrs Urch are members of Conisbrough church. They celebrated their Ruby wedding last September.

Mrs Urch says, “I have always enjoyed my life and work in Conisbrough, and have some wonderful customers and friends.”