Retiring Station Master – Remarkable Railway Record of Family.

August 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 17 August 1931

Retiring Station Master.

Remarkable Railway Record of Family.

A familiar Conisborough figure leaves to-day when Mr. C. P. Richards goes to London into retirement. Since 1899 he has been stationmaster Conisborough (L.N.E.R.), being posted there after some years a junior clerk in the Manchester district. In all he has completed 48 years with the L.N.E.R.

Mr. Richards is a member of a family with a remarkable record of service with the L.N.E.R. His father and four brothers have all been in this service, and his two younger brothers are still in the Chief Engineer’s Department in London, one having 40 and the other 35 years to his credit.

His father was a stationmaster at Stairfoot, Mexborough, Guide Bridge, and Cleethorpes for 40 years, and his eldest brother retired in January this year from the post of stationmaster at Mexborough after a record of 49 years with the Company.

In all, the father and brothers have completed 212 years with this railway company.

The railway staff Conisborough has shown its appreciation by presenting Mr. Richards with a wireless set.