Return of Denaby Soldiers from South Africa.

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 29 August 1902

Return of Denaby Soldiers from South Africa.

Great enthusiasm was displayed at Denaby on Wednesday, the occasion of the return from South Africa of three local soldiers- – Bally” Prendergast, Joe Corbett, and William Matthews.

All the men have seen much service during the war, but they appear to bear no traces of the hardships endured in the relief of Ladysmith and other memorable encounters, in which they took an active part.

There was a large crowd to receive them at Conisborough Station, and on appearing they were loudly cheered, being recognised, despite the fact that they were attired in ordinary dress, and a procession to Denaby was headed by the local drum and fife band.

All the men are very popular, and all along the route to Denaby they were busy responding to the salutations of their numerous friends and acquaintances.

A sad incident is recalled by the return of Prendergast, for, on his leaving for the front, his father was almost instantaneously killed at Conisborough station, where he had gone to see his son off.

Our Denaby correspondent had hoped to be able to give an account of the men’s experiences, but Prendergast declined to be interviewed.

Previous to going to South Africa the men were employed in local collieries.

There was an excellent display of flags etc. in Adwick Street. The flags have been worked by Mrs May, and the words thereon were “Home, Sweet home,” “Welcome home,” “Wherever we may roam there’s no place like home.” Mrs May is to be commended for her work which was beautifully done.