Review of S.P.C.C. Work

June 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 25 June 1909

Review of S.P.C.C. Work

The local ladies’ committee (Mrs. Allport, hon. secretary) of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, had, through the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Nicholson, arranged a garden meeting to be held in the grounds of Rock House, Conisborough, yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately for the object—the annual gathering practical sympathy to forward the work of the Society—the rainy weather caused the abandonment of outdoor enjoyment, and necessitated the substitution the tea and meeting in the Iron Schoolroom, Old Road. In the circumstances, the attendance suffered.

The tea was provided through the joint efforts of Mrs. Strawbridge, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. Hodgson, and Miss Bates.

Mr. E. L. Bingham (secretary of the Doncaster branch) presided, and introduced Mr. T. G. Teasdale (organising secretary of the society), who gave an interesting address relative to the work of the society.

From his remarks it appeared that during the past year 33 cases had been dealt with in that district— Conisborough, New Conisborough, and Denaby Main. Of these, 27 offenders had been warned, three had been prosecuted and convicted, and one case had been withdrawn. Twenty-three of the cases had been reported by the public, two by the police, and the rest by the Inspector himself (Inspector Dolan). In the Doncaster district cases had been involved, 129 of the children being under two years of age.

The usual votes of thanks were passed by the gathering, which included Mrs. Allport, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. Hodgson. Miss Makin, Miss Barker, Miss Bryham, and Miss Bates (members of the committee), Miss Nodes (Doncaster High School), Mrs. W. Clarkson. Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Williams, and Inspector Dolan.