Right Of Way – Discussion on Old Denaby Footpath – Parish Council approached

September 1936

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 18, 1936

Right Of Way
Discussion on Old Denaby Footpath
Parish Council approached

Offers by Conisborough Urban Council to obtain the freeing of the old Denaby Northcliffe footpath through Denaby Thick between Conanby and Old Denaby, were revealed at last nights meeting of the old Denaby Parish Council, when a deputation from the Conisborough authority attended the meeting to obtain Old Denaby views on the matter. The deputation consisted of Mr R. H. Shepherd, Mr J. F. E. Collins, Mr T. Shepherd, Mr T. J. Gregory.

Mr R. H. Shepherd explained that there had been a great deal of agitation about the footpath, and the Conisborough council had been strongly pressed to get the path made available for the public. Many people had been summoned for travelling on the footpath, but old Denaby Main people said that it was an old Roman road and ought not to be closed. It was the desire of Denaby people that the council should take steps to get opened.

Mr Randerson asked if there was an order of closure made in respect of the footpath some years ago, and the Clerk, Mr George Brocklesby, said there was an order, if the footpath was part of the old road that ran across the North Cliff hills.

After further discussion, the theory was put forward that there was a right of way along the whole of the footpath with the exception of the field, belonging to the Urban Council themselves and let to a local farmer.

A further discussion took place when the deputation returned, and the council eventually agreed to support any action which the Conisborough Urban Council might take to establish a right of way from Old Denaby to Conisborough.

Dealing with the provision of street lighting in the village, the Clerk said the electricity company had informed the West Riding that they had overcome the difficulty in connection with the wayleaves and were hoping to start construction by the end of the month, and to have supplies in use by the end of October.

It was reported that the railway company had informed to the West Riding County Council that they had under consideration the question of making application to close the railway crossing at Ferry Lane to the public, and they had pointed out that the public would not be inconvenienced because they had a footpath over which they could travel. It was decided to inform the County Council that the parish council could not under any circumstance tolerates such a proposed action.