Rival Butchers at Conisbro’

August 1888

Sheffield Independent – Monday 27 August 1888

Rival Butchers at Conisbro’

On Saturday, at the Doncaster Police Court, John Lindley, butcher, of Conisbro’, was summoned by Samuel Revill, also a butcher, of the same place, for an assault on Aug. 20th.

A cross summons had also been issued by Lindley against Revill.

Mr. Palmer appeared for Revill and Mr. Baddiley for Lindley.

Mr. Palmer said on Monday last, about seven o’clock in the evening, Revill and his wife were standing near their shop door, which is opposite that of Lindley.

Lindley came up to him, challenge him out to fight and when he refused took him by his waistcoat, pulled him into the middle of the road and struck him twice in the chest. Afterwards Revill went to his slaughter house, and in passing Lindley said, “Now, I shall make you pay for this.” When he was returning from the slaughter house, Lindley struck him two violent blows without the slightest provocation, and knocked him down.

While he was down the wife and daughter came on and they got hold of Revill by the neck. Alice Bell pulled him off. Revill did his best to get away. This had been going on for some time, and he asked for Lindley to be bound over to keep the peace.

Revill deposed that when Lindley challenged him to fight he also put his lighted cigar twice in his face. In coming back from the slaughter house, Lindley said to him “Now, you, if I have to pay for it I will take it out of you, and struck him twice as hard as he could, and knocked him down. Lindley gave in a black eye. This sort of thing had been going on for some time. He did a better business than Lindley and perhaps that was the cause. Lindley also blamed him about a sausage job at Leeds, of which he was innocent.

Cross-examined, Revilll said that at Braithwell feast Lindley threatened to break his neck he did not say anything to Lindley abont getting the monkey off his place, or if he did not he would break him. He denied striking Lindley, or taking in by the throat, are also giving him a black eye.

Each party was fined 10 shillings and costs.